Bella Bottoms Single Free Embroidery Design #247

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Bella Bottoms Single free machine embroidery collection

Amazing Bella Bottoms Single Free Embroidery Design


3.15×6.94 inches

17,169 stitches 

14 thread changes; 12 colors

Color Changes
1. Pale blue (Mad:1075)
2. Marine blue (Mad:1042)
3. White (Mad:1001)
4. Red (Def:3)
5. Flesh (Mar:1326)
6. Light khaki green (Mad:1106)
7. Magenta (Def:6)
8. Orange (Mad:1078)
9. Medium Rose Pink (Mad:1081)
10. Magenta (Def:6)
11. Dusky Rose (Mad:1354)
12. White (Mad:1001)
13. Black (Mad:1000)
14. Brown (Mad:1056)

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embroidery images Bella Bottoms Single design embroidery 

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